Home Video WHAT ARE THEY DEMANDING?! | a Dana Demonstrate 05.16.24

WHAT ARE THEY DEMANDING?! | a Dana Demonstrate 05.16.24

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Dana breaks down a Biden Campaign’s listing of calls for to exhaust part inside a principle debate. Facebook takes down photos of Dana’s confer with with Dallas Jewish Conservatives a DOJ is forcing a Texas college board to undertake DEI initiatives inside opposition to a massive majority of its voting voters, citing a civil rights violation. Following Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker’s graduation take care of at Benedictine College, a metropolis of Kansas City’s X myth doxes his metropolis, a NFL condemns his speech also a LA Chargers spoof him of their schedule originate video Did Missouri Secretary of Convey Candidate Valentina Gomez ride too some distance inside her marketing campaign ad? Feminists attain after Harrison Butker’s statements about girls folk’s feature as a mother.

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